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sunday services at 3pm, søndre ringvej 32


Simon Hoel Mortensen

Pastor of Roskilde Vineyard.

Contact: +45 31 24 76 20/

We are excited that Roskilde Vineyard is an international church with people from 14 countries. We want to provide a home away from home and we love diversity. The Bible says that “All nations shall come and worship” – and we would love to have you drop by for a visit. We meet every Sunday afternoon at 15:00 at Søndre Ringvej 32. Most of our songs are in English and we always provide translation of the sermon. 

Here are a couple of lines from Lauren, an expat from the US, who was part of our church for the two years she spent in Denmark:

“Sometimes people ask me why I’ve come to Denmark and it dawns on me, again, how unusual it is that I’m living here. How unexpected. It never came up on my list of life goals: Live in Scandinavia Someday (not even ‘take daily walks in the rain,’ which is kind of the same thing).

But truthfully, I know it has something to do with my church. We go to a small, laid-back, multicultural Vineyard here in Roskilde – the kind with coffee breaks and small children underfoot and no dress code. We meet downtown in a yellow house at three pm, and have dinner once a month. In fact, it kind of feels like going to visit your extended family as opposed to going to church. Two things stand out the most: this church is excited about God, and it loves people.

It’s been a long time since I’ve had a church-home like this, and I get the feeling that it’s why we’re here in Denmark.

Which is a nice thing to know, at the end of the day, when living in a foreign country.”


Get in touch with us here: roskildevineyard1@gmail.com                      

Meet Carina..

"My name is Carina and I come from Switzerland. I have been studying in Roskilde for five month and during this time I went to the Roskilde Vineyard. The atmosphere there is inviting and informal. The people were very friendly and helped me to feel being a part of the church. Since I did not not understand Danish very well, I was thankful that the whole service has been translated into English."